Neuroscience and Computational Linguistics

By Kate Kulinski posted October 11, 2018

Markov chains alone are not effective when it comes to producing convincing English, so I wanted to implement something more intelligent alongside Lucian's Neural networks (an area I have zero experience in by the way!) seem to fit the bill. Let me explain why:

The human brain consists of 100 billion cells called neurons, connected together by synapses. If sufficient synaptic inputs to a neuron fire, that neuron will also fire. We call this process "thinking".
Neural networks are just one example of technology borrowing from nature. What I'm trying to accomplish with Lucian, in fact, is prebuilt into our own nature: language acquisition. There are two competing theories explaining why this phenomenon occurs, how toddlers can grasp abstract concepts like tense and personal pronouns before learning to tie their shoes.

In a nutshell, B.F. Skinner's theory revolves around behaviorism. A boy from Guatemala, for example, acquires language from trial and error. Teachers, parents, or peers invalidate his attempts at Spanish until they are grammatically and phonetically correct. Positive reinforcement given by humans here parallels the "teacher" network in Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), which provides the "student" model with desired inputs (the inputs in this case being appropriate language use). User downvotes and upvotes will act as Lucian's positive reinforcers; upvoting when Lucian comments comprehensible English, downvoting otherwise.

Noam Chomsky coined Language Acquisition Device (LAD) in the 1960s. LAD does not refer a single structure in the brain, but the brain's innate capacity to "acquire and produce" language. According to Chomsky, infants absorb white noise, hand gestures, and writing systems, then independently organize this novel information into different languages. Markov chains behave similarly., for example, sorts through a corpus of text, in a language it does not understand, then over time discovers patterns within that text and produces new sentences based off those patterns:

import markovify

with open("\Users\jetco\Documents\lucian-master\tops.txt", encoding='utf8', errors='ignore') as f:
    text =

text_model = markovify.Text(text)

for i in range(5):

for i in range(10000):

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        Charles sat alone again, scratching at his followers, all red-eyed, and stained.
        Ian, this is very real.
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        He says nothing, but gestures for her as she crosses her arms.
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From programming, I've realized I can make use of both theories to help Lucian acquire the composite writing style of Redditors. However, I can also use these principles to model the average dialect of Redditors themselves. Could the right combination of markov chains and machine learning give rise to the internet's most convincing BroBot? We'll see!

What is art?

By Kate Kulinski posted October 5, 2018

The answer to this question is an opinion, held by critics and the general public, that shifts in response to individuals' education and experience. Each definition emerges from that individual's class, gender, race, and economic status, not an objective measurement of technical skill. In short, none of them can be rationally proven right or wrong because the argument will eventually boil down to semantics. However, it is possible to distinguish popular, commercially viable art (think of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) from art that will not succeed in a particular marketplace.

Enter Reddit:

Adolf did so, his brush strokes trembling across the pallette. "Easy there tiger, try to keep yourself calm, now. Painting is all about being steady, confident." Adolf nodded again, and went this time, albeit a bit slower, and mixed another selection. After he had done this the stranger patted his shoulder. "Good, now let's see you paint a nice, open sky." "But how? I can barely paint the ground, let allow what lies above it!" Sighing, the man grabbed a firm hold of his arm and lifted it up.

Reddit's primary demographic is white, single, heterosexual American males aged 18-25. Nearly 18 million of these Redditors subscribe to the community linked above, a default subreddit where amateur writers respond to user-submitted prompts with an original short story. Readers then upvote their favorite pieces to the top of each thread. New question: by quantifying the average writing style of top commenters in, could a machine produce prose that outvotes human-generated short stories? Here is my first step towards accomplishing that goal.  

import praw
import feedparser

reddit = praw.Reddit(user_agent='Top Comment Extraction (by /u/caturian)',
                     client_id='XXXXXXXX', client_secret="XXXXXXXX",
                     username='XXXXXXXX', password='XXXXXXXX')

length = feedparser.parse(input('Enter an RSS feed:'))
l = len(length)

while l != 0:
    link = length['entries'][l+1]['link']
    submission = reddit.submission(url=link)
    for top_level_comment in submission.comments:
        with open("tops.txt", "a") as tops:
    l = l - 1

import markovify

# Get raw text as string.
with open("/Users/Kate/Documents/markovify-master/test/tops.txt", encoding='utf8', errors='ignore') as f:
    text =

# Build the model.
text_model = markovify.Text(text)

# Print five randomly-generated sentences
for i in range(5):

# Print three randomly-generated sentences of no more than 140 characters
for i in range(10000):
Racter, one of the earliest programs that could randomly generate English prose. This is a screenshot from the interactive fiction game developed in the early 80s. It basically produces word vomit, but still pretty intriguing.
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